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The 1900’s

Little did Hamilton McLure Forman and his wife Blanche Collins Forman know back in 1910 that the first 10 acres they purchased to homestead, which was so remote you couldn’t get to it by road, would one day be credited with helping to establish South Florida’s thriving economy, and what is now known as the South Florida Education Center (SFEC).

The 1930’s: World War II

During World War II, the Forman family initially relinquished their leased land and deeded the land they did own for $1.00 to the Navy so they could use it. Upon further review, the Navy purchased the land from the Forman’s at $25 an acre near (the original price the Forman’s paid per acre). After the war, Hamilton Forman secured a commitment that the land which they had sold to the Navy would not be used for anything other than educational purposes.

The 1960’s: Forming a Complex of Schools

By 1960, the Broward County School Board proposed developing the land into a complex of schools that would extend from first grade through university. Once approved, construction on the site soon began. Originally referred to as the “Nova Schools”, the campus was home to Nova Blanche Forman Elementary, Nova Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary, Nova Middle, and Nova High. By 1968 the campus was home to three universities, Nova University (now Nova Southeastern University), Broward Junior College (now Broward College), and the University of Florida. Florida Atlantic University opened its doors in 1994.

Today: SFEC Where Great Things Happen

Today students and the community know this area as the South Florida Education Center, a consortium representing five major educational institutions; Broward College, Florida Atlantic University, McFatter Technical College & Technical High School, Nova Southeastern University, and the University of Florida, all located on one square mile campus in the Town of Davie.

Working together, the SFEC offers students of all ages, income levels, and cultural diverse backgrounds access to a vast spectrum of educational possibilities including college prep, K-12 education, technical certificates, industry certifications and non-credit programs. Students can choose to enroll in associates, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional degree programs offered through Florida’s top leading schools.