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There are many worthwhile benefits to riding your bike to school. Whether you do it for health benefits, environmental factors or financial reasons, you will be joining a growing group of students who have become bicycle commuters.

Not sure which roads are best to ride your bike? Try Broward County’s Bicycle Suitability Map, it will help you figure out the best route.

To make your life easier, the South Florida Education Center (SFEC) has bike racks located around campus for your convenience.

Five Great Reasons for Riding Your Bike to Campus

5.   You’ll never have to worry about finding a parking space.

4.   You’ll have very cool tan lines.

3.   You’ll see interesting stuff on the side of the road.

2.  You’ll never get stuck in traffic.

1.  Exercise is proven to make you smarter.

Bikes on Transit

Don’t want to ride the whole way? Bicycles are allowed on all transit systems in South Florida. Each transit operator has their own set of guidelines, so be sure to check them out before bringing your bike.


Broward County Transit

Miami Dade Transit Systems