Winter break is a time for college students to relax and recharge before the spring semester. Although it’s important to enjoy your downtime, you should use it as an opportunity to catch up on school materials and get a head start on the year ahead.

  1. Look for summer internships now. June may be six months away, but it’ll be here sooner than you think. As important as your college education is to employers, what they really want to see is plentiful work experience. Most schools have an internship database or a career resource center, so check your’s out!


  1. Sign up for LinkedIn. Having a LinkedIn profile will put you ahead of your classmates. Make sure you use a clean headshot, not just your face cropped from a picture of you partying from Friday night. With a LinkedIn profile, employers can easily find you and reach out to you if they find you to be a good candidate for a position. In addition, you can search for internship opportunities and connect with those top companies and firms.


  1. Read often. Reading helps your mind stay active while you’re not in school. Find a novel that you like that you can read on your down time. You can even get a head start on your spring semester reading list and get an idea of what your new courses will entail.


  1. Work part-time. While you’re home for winter break, why not get a seasonal job to pass the time? Many businesses need part-time employees during the holiday season due to growing demand. You’ll make some extra money while getting valuable work experience as well.