A new year means plenty of resolutions – and plenty of people racing to the gym after the holiday season. Most students who set lofty fitness goals abandon these by February, but setting small goals for yourself can help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you crave. Here are five tips for sticking to your fitness plan in 2018.

  1. Bring a buddy with you. Having a friend tag along with you to the gym is beneficial because you can hold each other accountable, and it can make the thought of exercising less daunting.
  2. Set small goals. If you’re out of shape, maybe working out for one hour each day seems a bit intimidating. Apps like 7FIT offer seven-minute workouts for full-body and abs, which could be more manageable and lead to longer gym sessions in the future.
  3. Change your focus. Don’t focus on the negative, such as what you haven’t achieved. Look at what you have accomplished! You need to congratulate yourself every now and then and celebrate the important milestones, and treat yourself each time you reach one.
  4. Wear your gym clothes to your last class of the day. Once you’re dressed in your exercise wear, it’s difficult to come up with an excuse to go home instead of head to the gym. This will also force you to go right after class instead of putting it off until later.
  5. Bike to class. Biking to and from campus is another way to stay fit. The South Florida Education Center is your go-to transportation source offering multiple choices to get to from and around campus – start today!