Procrastination is a given in college. Why write your paper now when you can browse for hours on YouTube? Even though this is the more fun option, it isn’t the most productive one. There are effective ways to break this habit; here are the six best ones.


  1. Break your work down into smaller parts. Like anything else in life, it’s easier to portion something out than try to solve one huge project at one time. Focus on the first step and do that to the best of your ability, without putting too much attention on the next steps.
  2. Seek out a person who has achieved a goal. Ask this person how they achieved it and if they have any tips to help you achieve yours. Seeing living proof of goals accomplished is a good activator for pursuing.
  3. Change your environment. Working in a different place from where you usually study could help you get the job done faster. If your workspace feels very comfortable, it probably isn’t the place to place to focus. Coffee shops and libraries tend to have calming environments that aren’t necessarily distracting.
  4. Surround yourself with motivated people. The people we spend time with influence our behavior, so if you hang out with procrastinators, you’ll likely practice their ways as well. You and your friends can also hold each other accountable for your goals.
  5. Tell others about your goals. When you write down your goals or tell them to someone else, you’re most likely to follow through since they will ask you questions about them in the future.
  6. Eliminate distractions. Part of why you procrastinate is most likely due to having “enablers” around – especially the Internet. Identify which websites take up most of your time. If one of these is Facebook, disable automatic notifications so that you aren’t tempted to constantly check the site.