There are plenty of articles and blog posts that will fill you in on the best ways to rock a job interview. However, what about absolute don’ts? We’ve provided a list of surefire interview blunders so that you know to avoid them.

  1. Dress inappropriately. The saying goes that you should dress for the job you want. If you come in wearing a T-shirt and jeans or flip-fops, the interviewer will assume that you don’t value this open position. 53% of hiring managers say this is a major turnoff in an interview.
  2. Be uninformed about the company. According to, 39% of hiring managers agree that not doing your research before an interview is a giant faux-pas. Make sure to research the company’s website to get a feel for what kind of work they do. When you know more about the company, you can ask the interviewer questions about the company and have a better understanding of what your position will entail.
  3. Have an unorganized resume. Take advantage of the career resource centers available at the South Florida Education Center campuses, such as Nova Southeastern University, Broward College and Florida Atlantic University. Here, you can learn how to write a killer resume, and advisors can also help you conduct mock interviews.
  4. Seem uninterested. If you aren’t interested in the job, the employer will not be interested in you. Employers don’t just want someone who will do the work; they want a person who is engaging and willing to learn, as well as exuberates enthusiasm for the position.
  5. Appear arrogant. Employers want to hear more about how your accomplishments helped you in school or at a previous job; they don’t want to hear you brag incessantly about yourself.
  6. Ask about salary. This can be done once you receive a job or are moved along in the interview process, but you should avoid questions about this during the initial interview. The employer might think that this is all you care about.

Now that you know which actions to avoid during an interview, you have a much better chance of nailing the job or internship you want, so go for it!